Extending WooCommerce Admin

by Demari Miller

The new WooCommerce Admin Dashboard was a great addition in terms of user experience, functionality, and imporving overall design. However, if you're used to the way things were, then you'd probably have a hard time adjusting to all the new tools needed to get started developing in the new WooCommerce

I knew I would have this problem again, so I wrote it down and decided to share it thinking some other might run into the same issues.

[@portabletext/react] Unknown block type "image", specify a component for it in the `components.types` prop

Setting up the development environment

The most important part, the environment is very strict when developing in WooCommerce. As of now, the working environment is:

  • Node 16 (strongly recommend using a version manager like fnm or nvm)
  • Docker
  • pnpm @ 11.0.0

This isn't the best article for a beginner.

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